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The Impact

Since the campaign's inception in 2021, with the help of the community, we have collected over 27,000 menstrual products, all of which have been donated to local organizations.

Heading into the third year of the campaign we are so grateful for the support and success we've had thus far. In 2021 with the help of our community, we collected 3518 tampons, 5002 pads & 3411 liners, for a total of 11,931 menstrual products. In 2022 we collected 5076 tampons, 7852 pads, 3103 liners & 8 pairs of Knix underwear for a total of 16,039 menstrual products. This has allowed us to keep local organizations stocked and to continue welcoming new organizations into our family of recipients. 

While there is still more to be done, there is no doubt that we are making a significant impact. We don’t measure our success through just facts and figures, but through needs met and heartwarming feedback.

In 2021 the campaign began with two recipients: Anselma House and Haven House, two local women's shelters of the Women's Crisis Services of Waterloo Region. Since then we have been able to add to our family of recipients, aiming to cover as much ground as we possibly can to ensure these items are accessible to all. We now happily donate to: The Food Bank of Waterloo Region, 519 Community Collective, The Pregnancy Centre, Mamas For Mamas, Lutherwood, St. Mary's Hospital, SHORE Centre, The Sexual Assault Support Centre of WR, YWKW Women Choosing Change, Anselma House and Haven House. We hope to continue to grow our list, all the while, continuing to adequately support our current recipient organizations. 


Want to become part of this meaningful change?

Contact us to see how you can contribute to our cause. 

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