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Access To Necessities, Period.


​Access To Necessities, Period is a local Donation Campaign that was created in January 2021.


The Campaign  supports local organizations who care for populations that may be in need of basic care items such as menstrual hygiene products.​ Menstrual hygiene products continue to be items of need on wish lists amongst many of these local organizations.


Because 1 in 4 Canadians who menstruate often have to choose between food or period products, putting aside a set of needs to take care of another set of needs. In lieu of these products, items like towels, tissue paper, newspaper and/or socks may be used. This causes concern for hygiene and possible infection.  


No girl, woman, or person should ever have to choose. ​


We collect menstrual products all year long, with a heightened focus during the month of February. Products are collected via pick-up by campaign volunteers, and/or products can be dropped off during the month of February at one of our community partner locations. Products are collected, stocked, stored and dropped off monthly to each organization we support throughout the course of the year. This allows them to stay stocked without having to ever turn away donations due to limited storage space.  


We have worked tirelessly to promote our cause and are so fortunate to have an amazing community who has supported this cause since its inception. This is what has enabled us to achieve our goals year-after-year. It is through this kindness we can support our community and continue to tackle the larger issue of period poverty.​


Menstrual products are not always accessible to some groups. Rurally located groups, marginalized individuals, refugees, abuse victims, low-income households, or those impacted by religious or cultural beliefs often face challenges accessing these products. Whether it's an issue of cost, or a lack of resources, there are many groups who have to go without, which can then in turn affect their reproductive health.  


We want to ensure that those in our community who require these products always have access to them. If we can take one bit of worry, hardship or stress off their shoulders through our initiative, then that's what we aim to accomplish and will set out to do!

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